Domicile Certificate Assam PDF 2023

The Domicile Certificate Assam PDF 2023 is explicitly crafted to serve as age verification for PAN card applications. This crucial document is administered under the provisions of Section 11/12 of Assam.

Individuals operating the PAN facilitation through NSDL are certainly acquainted with its significance. Such professionals predominantly use the Domicile Certificate Assam as a reliable form of age verification. It’s pivotal to be informed that UTI does not recognize the credibility of this form. The certificate’s endorsement is exclusive to NSDL.

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Domicile Certificate Assam PDF 2023

A PAN card application demands legitimate age proof. However, a substantial segment of Assam’s populace lacks proper age documentation, even though it’s indispensable for PAN card procurement. Under such circumstances, the Domicile Certificate, when duly signed by the village chief or the President/Secretary of the Panchayat, becomes a valid document accepted by the PAN agency.

In earlier days, this certificate was simultaneously accredited by both PAN agencies – UTI and NSDL. However, post-2020, UTI withdrew its recognition of the certificate as an age validation document for PAN card procedures. Consequently, applicants who procure endorsements on this certificate from the Village Head or Panchayat President/Secretary, specifically for UTI PAN card application, will find it unapproved. Such PAN applications are invariably declined by UTI.

Download Domicile Certificate Assam for PAN PDF

Download Domicile Certificate Assam PDF 2023 for PAN Card Application
As previously highlighted, the NSDL PAN agency singularly utilizes this form for PAN card issuance. If you’re a resident of Assam, aspiring for a PAN card but confronted with the absence of age documentation, this certificate is tailored for you.

To procure and print the certificate for the PAN Card application, navigate to the link below. The form is consolidated in a user-friendly PDF layout for your benefit.

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